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Speed Governor

Speed limiting device is a device used to limit the top speed of a vehicle by not allowing the vehicle to accelerate beyond the pre-set speed limit

It has been established that lower speed variance can be linked to fewer crashes and compliance with speed limits reduces the chances of vehicles getting involved in frequency of crashes and severity of bodily injuries.

Benefits Speed Limit Device

  • Lower speed results in less fuel consumption by vehicles.
  • Lower speed also cuts down vehicle maintenance cost and slows down depreciation value thus vehicle last longer.
  • It will reduce the speed of vehicle to pre-set limit thus reducing overall crash risk and likely to lessen severity of crash.
  • It will equally provoke good monitoring mechanism for vehicle owners’/fleet operators.
  • It will assist to eliminate losses associated with speed related crashes. These losses are usually in vehicles loss, damage to roads and road infrastructure, house, goods etc.
  • it enables more relaxed driving and lower insurance premium as consequence of fewer crashes.

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